Results beyond expectations

On Friday, January 27, 2023, Limatech was performing ground tests as part of the Critical Design Review (CDR*) of the ORION 24V15Ah battery.

Luc Pouyadou, our technical director, accompanied by Ludovic Girard, our industrial methods engineer, carried out these tests on an Écureuil helicopter, as well as on a Beechcraft 90. The results exceeded expectations and revealed the outstanding performance of our battery in turbine starting.

In fact, no less than 13 consecutive starts have been achieved on the Arriel turbine of the Écureuil with a single 24V15Ah battery and 11 consecutive starts on the PT6A1 turbine of the Beechcraft 90 with two 24V15Ah batteries in parallel. On the same day, we also had the opportunity to perform cold weather tests, again with success. These excellent performances demonstrate the significant advantage of our batteries over the batteries available on the market.

It should be noted that the results obtained with two 24V15Ah batteries in parallel bode very well for the development of our 24V30Ah battery, which began last year and for which the development time should be accelerated. We therefore hope to be able to quickly expand our product offering in order to satisfy the needs of the sector more widely.

Soon, the first lithium aero battery manufactured in Europe

These ground tests conclude a series of critical tests on the equipment (vibrations, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.) which allowed us to validate the definition of the product and the passage of the CDR milestone, the fourth of six milestones in the product development project. The Test Readiness Review (TRR*) and the Qualification Review (QR*) will soon follow, which will finalize the certification of our batteries by the EASA.

In a few weeks, we will start the pre-commercialization with the launch of the pre-orders of our 24V15Ah batteries which are innovative, light, highly available, low maintenance and compliant with the 2006/66/CE directive.

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*CDR = Critical Design Review
TRR = Test Readiness Review
QR = Qualification Review