Les Echos explores the challenges of lithium batteries:

“More efficient, lithium batteries are not used in commercial aircraft due to the risk of fire. Founded in late 2016 in Toulouse by a researcher from CEA, Marc Béranger, his niece Florence Robin, a mechanical engineer and president, and Maxime Di Meglio, a computer scientist and CEO, Limatech takes on the challenge by designing secure lithium iron phosphate batteries for airplanes, helicopters, and thermal drones. The startup has co-developed with CEA-Leti a patented system for securing and optimizing lithium batteries, allowing them to achieve a very high level of reliability: one failure per billion hours of use. This earned them the Airbus Développement Aerospace Innovation Award in 2019.”

Link to article: https://www.lesechos.fr/pme-regions/innovateurs/limatech-securise-les-batteries-au-lithium-pour-les-avions-1191287