We are delighted to share with you our intention to open part of our next fundraising round to equity financing to drive the development of our next-generation lithium batteries for the aerospace industry.

This equity financing offers a unique opportunity to all enthusiasts who are committed to working for the energy transition through disruptive innovation, to get involved in this revolutionary adventure. From now on, everyone can express their non-binding investment intentions in the run-up to the opening of our campaign, thereby reserving themselves a seat on board the reindustrialization of our economic fabric.

By enabling individual investors to contribute to our expansion, we are reinforcing our commitment to a shared vision of the future of aeronautics, one that is low-carbon, efficient and respectful of the environment.

Through this approach, we aim not only to accelerate the development of our cutting-edge technologies, but also to foster greater collaboration and interaction with a global community of aeronautics and innovation enthusiasts, because we can all contribute to building tomorrow’s world.

Limatech press release: Crowdfunding

Stay tuned for more information on our next crowdfunding event, and join us on this exciting adventure to the pinnacle of aeronautical innovation!

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