Bpifrance has been supporting Limatech’s development in the aeronautical sector for several years. On November 30, 2021, Limatech joined the 3rd promotion of the Bpifrance aeronautics gas pedal.
This selection consolidates the trust between Limatech and Bpifrance which has been following us for several years.

The gas pedal aims to help companies bounce back from the crisis and prepare for the growth of tomorrow. It was created in collaboration with the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE), Bpifrance and GIFAS; it is also supported by the French Fab community. It promises to be an asset for the company in terms of internal and external development.

The start-up was selected with 30 other companies for their development potential and growth ambition.
For 18 months, Limatech will be able to benefit from contacts with players in the sector, advice and training with BPI partners, and thus accelerate the marketing of its new generation lithium-ion aeronautical batteries.

It is, with Starburst Aerospacethe second gas pedal that Limatech has joined this year.

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