Events and Press Releases

Exceptional media coverage

The year 2023 was marked by unprecedented visibility for Limatech, with mentions in over 30 press articles.
Limatech appeared in prestigious media such as Les Echos, Le Figaro in May, Le Point in June and Forbes in October as startup of the week, underlining our growing reputation.

Recognition with BigMedia from BPI France

Our innovation was hailed in a glowing article in BPI France’s BigMedia, highlighting our two victories in calls for projects and consolidating our position as a leading innovator.

Participation in renowned events

Limatech has also made a name for itself on a global scale, taking part in major events from MRO Europe to the Dubai Air Show, including the MEE in Dubai and the Paris Air Show.
Our presence has strengthened our position in the aeronautics industry. We were also honored to be part of the delegation organized by Business France in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking engagements and strategic meetings

Meetings with Dassault and partnership with OEM Services

Florence and Maxime had the opportunity to visit the Dassault Aviation assembly plant in Mérignac, France, as part of an event organized by France Industrie.
The signing of a commercial partnership with OEM Services at the Paris Air Show has opened up new growth prospects.

Participating in TV shows and speaking at Vivatech

Florence brilliantly represented Limatech on television platforms, including B Smart and BFMTV. Our participation at Vivatech provided a platform to share our innovations with an international audience.

Growth and Recognition

New hires and expansion work

Limatech welcomed new talent in 2023 and continues to look for excellent employees in 2024 to strengthen our growth capabilities. Expansion work on our premises, due to start in late summer 2023, should enable us to accommodate our growing workforce in the 2e quarter 2024.

Recognition and Approvals

In February 2023, Limatech reached a crucial milestone with the validation of our pilot line, attesting to our technological expertise.
Our commitment to high quality standards was underlined by the granting of production approval in April 2023.
At the same time, our membership of the new Tenerrdis cluster in March has strengthened our position in the field of renewable energies.

Institutional meetings

Limatech welcomed the sub-prefect to the Isère relaunch in January, marking our two victories in calls for projects. The ceremony underlined our contribution to local economic recovery.

Looking back, 2023 was an exceptional year for Limatech, characterized by growing recognition, major achievements and strategic partnerships such as our MORDOR and BEST PEGASE projects funded by France 2030.
We enthusiastically anticipate the continuation of this positive momentum and look forward to launching the pre-commercialization of our batteries in 2024, following the ongoing test phase. A huge thank you to our dedicated team and partners for their contribution.

To find out more about our start-up, click here: Limatech exhibits at MRO Europe!